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Egg Bird Feeder Egg Bird Feeder - Olive

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J Schatz • Egg Bird Feeder
Egg Bird Feeder - Olive

The gravity fed J Schatz Egg Bird Feeder is easy to use.  The ceramic earthenware egg is suspended by a vinyl coated wire.  The egg supports two aluminum poles that suspend the aluminum base in the center of the eggs bottom opening.  Bird food dispenses from the egg into the base and birds eat from the base until the egg is empty.  To fill with bird seed you turn the Egg Bird Feeder upside down and take out a pin in the middle of the base, remove the poles and dish, and fill.

  • Holds 8 cups of bird food
  • Removable locking pin makes refilling a snap
  • Materials resistant to outdoor extremes
  • Resistant to hungry Grey Squirrels
  • Egg Bird Feeders are handmade exclusively by J Schatz in New York
  • Usually available for immediate shipping
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13004 Egg Bird Feeder - Olive Call for Pricing
W:10" D:8.5" H:8.5"


Glossy Ceramic Earthenware, Aluminum

J Schatz


Egg Bird Feeder
Egg Bird Feeder
J Schatz
  • Wipe clean ceramic and aluminum surfaces with a damp cloth.  Once a month we recommend cleaning the feeder with a 10% bleach to water solution.  Allow the solution to set on the feeder for ten minutes, drain off the solution, and then rinse thoroughly.  Allow the feeder to completely dry before refilling it.  If a feeder becomes moldy, scrub it thoroughly with the 10% bleach to water solution using a stiff brush.  Once it is clean, clean the feeder as above.