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Egg Bird House Egg Bird House - Orange Peel

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J Schatz • Egg Bird House
Egg Bird House - Orange Peel

Give birds a modern home and place to hatch their young with the colorful J Schatz Egg Bird House.  The ceramic eggs durable finish will withstand yearlong temperature extremes and stay looking fresh for years to come.  The 1 1/8" diameter entry hole will attract chickadees, wrens, and smaller birds, keeping house sparrows out.  Aluminum bottom is easily removed for quick clean out and has four ventilation/drainage holes that provide birds fresh air and keep them dry.

  • Available in 5 glossy colors
  • Rust resistant aluminum perch, aluminum bottom, and vinyl coated hanging wire
  • Smooth surface, egg shape, and removable perch deter predators
  • Egg Bird Houses are handcrafted exclusively by J Schatz in NY
  • Usually available for immediate shipping
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13010 Egg Bird House - Orange Peel Call for Pricing
W:6" D:6" H:8"


Glossy Ceramic Earthenware, Aluminum

J Schatz


Egg Bird House
Egg Bird House
J Schatz
  • Wipe clean ceramic and aluminum surfaces with a damp cloth. We recommend cleaning your bird house after each brood has left. Use a 10% bleach to water solution, scrub with a firm brush and rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry.