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Mobile Bird Feeder Seesaw Side Feeder - Orange/Aqua

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J Schatz • Mobile Bird Feeder
Seesaw Side Feeder - Orange/Aqua

Dip, spin, and thrill the birds with a Mobile Bird Feeder by J Schatz.  This innovative design will awaken your appreciation for art, science, and nature.  Like branches, the feeder dips and sways creating an irresistible and fun feeding environment for your feathered friends.  Finely handcrafted in stoneware with aluminum perches, Mobile Bird Feeders are durable and weather resistant.  The Seesaw Side Feeding version feeds birds from the ends of the feeding tube, keeping birdseed dry in wet environments.  Easy to use seed scoop and user-guide are included.

  • Available in 5 color options
  • Holds 4 1/2 cups of bird seed
  • Squirrel proof design
  • Mobile Bird Feeders are handcrafted exclusively by J Schatz in NY
  • Usually available for immediate shipping
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13020 Seesaw Side Feeder - Orange/Aqua Call for Pricing
W:26.5" D:2.13" H:6.13"


Glossy Ceramic Stoneware, Aluminum

J Schatz


Mobile Bird Feeder
Mobile Bird Feeder
J Schatz

Wipe ceramic and aluminum surfaces clean with a damp cloth. Once every few months we recommend cleaning the feeder with a solution of 10% bleach to water. Pour solution in feeder, allow it to set for ten minutes, then drain completely and rinse thoroughly with water. Allow the feeder to dry completely before refilling. If any mold should accumulate in feeder, scrub interior of feeder with the 10% bleach to water solution using a stiff brush. Once mold is removed, clean the feeder as above.